Fire Alarm Service

fire alarm service

Fire Alarm checks

We can help you with annual service and maintenance of your Fire Alarm in and around London area.  Our engineers are fully qualified, competent industry professional and fully experienced when it comes to servicing and maintaining your fire alarm system. We will test FA system in accordance with BS5839 and giving you reliable service for peace of mind. We offer various annual service and maintenance contract. Why not give us a call on 02080049005 or contact us to get no-obligation quote. We will surely help.

Whether your building is Commercial or Residential, We can service your fire alarm system at time that suit you.

We also offer annual service contract which covers 2 service visit a year and we also have an Emergency Callout response 24/7 365 day.

Why get fire alarm serviced regularly?

fire alarm maintenanceEvery fire alarm system installed on site is to protect life and property. This has direct dependency on this system functioning correctly all time. As a Responsible person (owner, landlord, site management etc), You have legal obligation to make sure FA system is in proper working order and functioning correctly. This included but not limited to routinely checked, serviced and maintained by Competent Person (i.e. experienced and qualified fire alarm engineer).

Why chose us:

Fully Qualified, Competant and Experienced Engineers
our engineers are fully certified to carry out fire alarm servicing and carry the relevant identificaions and paperwork.

Croydon and surround area Coverage
We provide excellent level of service anywhere in the Croydon and surrounding area.

Fire Alarm service Certification
We will provide you with all the relevant legal documentation for your record of fa system maintenance.

Annual Fire Alarm service and maintenance is legal requirement of responsible person. Thought most FA system are reliable and high-tech than ever before but they can and do go wrong if not checked and serviced routinely. This timely check will make sure your site has efficient and optimum fire safety coverage when needed.

We as professional in fire alarm service engineer make sure it gets done efficiently and expertly, and at a competitive rate. Why not Contact us or give us a Call for info. Our Service and Maintenance Contract is a cost effective way of managing your maintenance visits on your fire alarm system and gives you peace of mind that your equipment will work when it is needed most – in the event of a fire.

A Service/Maintenance Engineer will do following checks during a visit:
  • Test each zone for its correct functioning by Manual call point/ detection device
  • Test heat, smoke detector and manual call point on FA system.
  • Inspect detection device for damage, obstruction or contamination
  • Test fire alarm panel standby battery for correct charging and capacity.
  • Check zone chart is correct and panel indication fire for zone described
  • Check control panel indication function correctly and its programme if any
  • Check the function of auxiliary devices connected to FA panel (i.e. Lift, fire doors, security locks and gas shut off etc)
  • Check and test signal being received ok by alarm receiving centre (if connected).
  • Check and test operation panels interface between 2 or more control panel for fire signal.
  • Investigate reported false alarms and rectify it if possible
  • We issue service certificate as evidence of professional check and maintenance record.
  • All servicing are done in accordance with British standard 5839
  • Our Fire Alarm servicing includes
    • Conventional FA system
    • Addressable FA system
    • Wireless FA system
    • VESDA air sampling system
    • Smoke vent system